Dressed Up

Never judge a book by its cover.

Aurora prefers to read her romance novels, long for her crush from afar and avoid disclosing her profession of making custom erotic apparel and furniture. When her coveted crush, Nia, asks to use her kinky knowledge as part of an innocent research project, Aurora wonders if it’s worth risking their friendship. What would Nia think when she sees the dominant side of her usually quiet friend?

Dressed Up is the first thrilling and sexy story of Bound & Gagged about the ties that bind us – and the ties that bind us. In this erotic fantasy, the only way to heaven is through our most primal urges.

Dressed Up is a thrilling and sexy story about the ties that bind us – and the ties that bind us. In this erotic fantasy, the only way to heaven… is through our most primal urges.


Praise for Dressed Up


Be still, my fetish heart.

Recently I was giving a free advanced copy of ‘Dressed Up: A Bound & Gagged Short Story’ by the author and what a wonderful gift it was. This is the perfect time of year for such a story to read when the days are chilly and the nights are long.

Dressed Up is also the perfect tale for anyone with that secret interest into what such a lifestyle contains. The narrative gently guides the reader through aspects not usually spoken of, especially the moments of aftercare that are always forgotten about in other stories or films.

This is a compassionate and exciting glimpse into a world much larger than the one most of us get to live. If you are looking for something to keep you warm and entice your mind over a hot cup of tea on a winter’s night than this is the story for you.

Better yet buy it to read to someone you love.”

–GoodReads Review

“This is my first lesbian romance. I read a lot of straight people romance and gay people romance but not lesbian, and I have to say I’m impressed and feel way more curious than I could ever imagine. It was so cute how Aurora is like this shy badass. And her little heart flutters for Nia was super adorable and endearing. I love the slow build up to the sex and when we actually got there it wasn’t disappointing at all. Super happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend.

–Amazon Review


I now have additional kinks

A short and extremely sexy story. I loved Aurora and Nia and can’t wait to read more about them. This is the first BDSM book I’ve read and I loved every page.

–GoodReads Review


“The romance in this story is adorable and the spicy parts are tantalizing. There’s humor and heart here where you can tell the author really cares about these characters and what they represent. If you’re looking for a fun read for sexy times this will definitely do the trick. I look forward to seeing more of these characters and of this series.”

–Amazon Review