Fine Print

Ruin’s life is hell. Literally.

As a female demon tormenting souls for a living, she’s spent the better half of the past 300 years in The Pit of Hell.

Now, she thinks it’s time to move on. If only she could get that damn promotion…

Being a Soul Collector is a privilege highly coveted in her line of work, one that Ruin herself can’t help going after. Too bad advancing to that elite position is way harder than she thought…

The recommendation she expected from her supervisor turns into a slander-fest, angels start popping up left and right, and she somehow finds herself in a turf war with a fellow demon. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also Liam.

Liam, whose soul Ruin is supposed to collect and deliver to hell.

Liam, who’s sexy and sharp as hell.

Liam, who she feels inexplicably attracted to.

You could say there’s a slight conflict of interest.

As everything that could possibly go wrong does, Ruin is also struggling with a terrifying mountain of paperwork that doesn’t seem to make sense. She has one month to clear up this mess and earn that promotion, or she’ll most likely end up back in The Pit.

Only this time, it might be for good…