Loki’s Puppet

Where mischief and chaos are found, Loki’s puppet is nearby.

Rowan Davis is still paying for a foolish choice she made as a teen. Thirty years have passed since she gave a vow of servitude and loyalty to Loki Laufeyson and she still is living in a crappy apartment with a leaky faucet and a nagging landlord.

But it’s never a dull moment around Rowan as her presence causes all sorts of things to happen, fall apart, or explode. It only gets more exciting when Loki tasks her with retrieving the “Most Precious One,” a mysterious thing which has multiple avatars, Dark Elves, and mortal searching for it.

And if dodging Dark Elves and local authorities wasn’t enough, Odin’s avatar–who Rowan loves to hate and hates to love–Lucas moves in to steal the prize from her. Can the two push aside their own animosities towards each other, or will it all fall into the inevitable cataclysm it is promising to be?

Coming Winter of 2020.