Queen of Swords and Silence

Ghost doesn’t take responsibility for her actions often, but when she does, it’s because she doesn’t want the world to end.

Ghost has always dreamed of being like her valkyrie sisters—a beautiful warrior who soars through the skies and inspires bravery in men. But Ghost was born… damaged. Instead, she works in the cold wasteland of Niflheim to serve the Master of the Well of Knowledge.

Upon being hired to assassinate a wayward magi, Ghost discovers that mythics are disappearing without a trace. While it’s not her usual M.O., Ghost must find them before the fairy queens unleash their wrath and decimate the world.

It will take a stiff drink plus the wit and sass of her possessed sword, Silence, to fix things before they get worse.

Cause it can’t get worse, right?


Queen of Swords and Silence is the first book in Carrow Brown’s paranormal urban fantasy series, The Ghost Walker Chronicles. Fans of IIona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, and Kim Harrison will find a new character to love in Ghost: a heroine who kicks ass and loves a bad dad joke!


Praise for Queen of Swords & Silence


“I fell in love with Ghost and Silence instantly! I enjoy modern fantasy and if you like Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, or Faith Hunter this will be a fun new world to enjoy.”

–GoodReads Review

A sort of Lovecraftian Valkyrie urban fantasy story? Whatever, it works!

So, I was not quite sure what to expect with this one. It’s an urban fantasy about a tough supernatural warrior woman who is sort of a Valkyrie, and also sort of not – turns out she’s part Outside entity, as in Lovecraftian “Outside” – she hears a bloodthirsty sentient sword (a bit more articulate than Moorcock’s Stormbringer), and shenanigans ensue. The writing is decent, and the author makes a better-than-decent stab at Old Norse names . . . I am not easily impressed, but this all kind of works . . . Not a bad read, as it turns out!”

–Goodreads Review

“Rating: 4.75
The dynamic between Ghost and Silence was amazing. While they are both sarcastic and tough it was still a loving relationship.
I was immediately pulled in after the first chapter, Ghost is a Valkyrie and something else that eats people BUT she’s not a fan of eating people so she picks off the old and dying…and she still feels bad about it.
Then she meets David and, while there was attraction there, I am so happy Carrow kept Ghost the same strong woman she is.
I got a little confused at the end for a second because there are people in Ghost’s head and Ghost got a little sappy but other than that the book made me laugh out loud and m even though Ghost is a Man eating monster I look forward to reading more about her and Silence.

–Amazon Reviewer