Silence & Mayhem Anthology- Part One: Staff Meeting

Ghost, Norse outcast, could go the rest of her eternal life without another staff meeting.

But a job is a job, and she needs the money which means listening to monotone presentations in an uncomfortable chair for hours. The plan is to go in, keep her head down, and bail out as fast as possible. But the fae of the Winter Court have other plans and will take the help of her sassy sword Silence to fend them off and make it out of the never-ending meeting.

This short story is intended as a teaser for the upcoming debut series, The Ghost Walker Chronicles.

STAFF MEETING is the first story in an anthology following Ghost & Silence through their many adventures, hijinks, and fixing problems they didn’t make. If you like a strong female hero with wit, a snarky magical sword, and a rich magical world, this series will entertain and hook you.

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