The Silence & Mayhem Anthology- Part Two: Toasted Marshmallow

Ghost might not be the ideal Enforcer to call when your child is missing, but she’s the only one cheap and willing enough to go to the ass-end of Canada.
In a small town in Canada, people and animals are going missing at an alarming rate. As a mythological Enforcer, Ghost is often called upon to solve these types of problems before the Humans notice. But when she is hired by a Coyote-shifter whose pup has gone missing she is in a race against time to stop whatever monster is lurking in the woods.
TOASTED MARSHMALLOWS  is the second story in an anthology following Ghost & Silence through their many adventures, hijinks, and fixing problems they didn’t make. If you like a strong female hero with wit, a snarky magical sword, and a rich magical world, this series will entertain and hook you.
Praise for Toasted Marshmallow!
“Each one of these short stories lead up to story that I can’t wait to dive into. But, then, I kind of have a soft spot for hard shelled warriors with gooey centers trying to save the world one sarcastic comment at a time.” –Emily L.
“I loved this little short that give us a little glimpse into how Ghost thinks and the relationship she had with her weapon as well. Also a nice little intro to the world as well. Can’t wait to read the full novel!” –Jess S.

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