Q. How can I stay up to date on what Carrow is doing?

Carrow has a newsletter in which she gives updates at the end of the month in regards to how her projects are coming along and any announcements. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram for the mundane items.

Q. How many books is the Ghost Walker Chronicles going to be?

The goal is nine, but we will see what happens. Even though Carrow has outlined the books, stuff happens and she rides the wave.

Q. When are sample chapters for books posted?

Carrow likes to post them the month the book is out, but she doesn’t always get a say in this because she does what her publishing team thinks is best.

Q. Is there an audiobook available?

Yes! Big yes! The audiobook is out and in the world for your listening pleasure.

Q. I wrote some fanfiction for Ghost Walker Chronicles! Will Carrow read it?

For a very long, and complicated, legal reason–no. But she is very flattered that you did write something.