Street Team

What is a street team?

A street team is a collection of people working together in their own way to promote a book. This can be done by leaving reviews, talking about it with other people, etc. Whatever works for you. I talk to people in my MMO group about books all the time.

What’s in it for you?

My unending gratitude along with a signed copy of the book, swag, and gift cards.

How does this work?

Once a week, I will challenge the team to reach out to xx amount of people to raise awareness for the book. For those local in my area, I have a million bookmarks and business cards you can hand out. If you are comfortable with promoting online, I have images and a press kit you can send out to others who review books.

What do we have to work with right now?

I have a short story out. It cost 99cents to buy or is free if signed up for my newsletter. At this point, I am not worried about sales, I am worried about reach. What is needed at this point is reviews and raised awareness. The story is already free, we just need folks to read it.

We have a group in Facebook and one on discord. You can join the one you want, both are fairly active.

Team Rules

  1. Read/Review
    —Reading and reviewing the book on Goodreads/Amazon is key for an author. Please be authentic when you do. You won’t hurt my feelings by being honest (just my pride, but I can buy a new one at Wal-mart).
  2. Be kind to others
    —-You do not only represent yourself but the rest of us as well. Even if someone is nasty, don’t sink to their level.
  3. Negative Reviews
    —-If a negative review is posted, do not criticize or antagonize the poster. Negative reviews will happen as no one piece of literature is meant for everyone. Keep in mind that what someone doesn’t like in a book another person will.
  4. Have fun!
    —-While you are here to assist in the promotion of the book, our main focus is to have fun. If at any time it feels like it is “work”, let me know and we can figure something out.
  5. Social Media
    —-Follow each other on Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads to help spread the word of the book and any upcoming work. Don’t be afraid to talk to each other.

If you are still looking to be part of the street team, please fill out the application below.